Thursday, July 17, 2008

Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza is Miss Universe 2008

Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza, has won the Miss Universe pageant. The 22-year-old stunner beats runners-up from Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Russia and Mexico to clinch the diamond-studded golden crown.

Miss Universe 2008: Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza

1st Runner Up: Taliana Vargas (Colombia)

2nd Runner Up: Marianne Cruz Gonzalez (Dominican Republic)

3rd Runner Up: Vera Krasova (Russia)

4th Runner Up: Elisa Najera (Mexico)

Top five stunners

After the stunning top ten hopefuls sashayed the ramp, the judges announced the top five as: Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela), Elisa Najera (Mexico), Marianne Cruz Gonzalez (Dominican Republic), Taliana Vargas (Colombia) and Vera Krasova (Russia)

Best National Costume Award goes to Miss Thailand.

Miss Congeniality is Miss El Salvador

Miss USA trips on stage

For the second year in a row, Miss USA has fallen down during the evening gown competition at the Miss Universe competition. It was a nightmare come true for Miss USA Crystle Stewart, a Texan, who tripped on the train of her bejeweled evening gown as she made her entrance.

During the 2007 Miss Universe contest in Mexico City, Miss USA Rachel Smith also tumbled during the evening gown competition and became an unintended star on YouTube, where the video was shown over and over again.

Top ten contestants announced

The finalists walked across the stage in bikinis for the swimsuit competition and the excitement was spectacular when the top 10 contestants were announced.

The top ten finalists are: Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela), Zana Krasniqi (Kosovo), Elisa Najera (Mexico), Laura Dundovic (Australia), Marianne Cruz Gonzalez (Dominican Republic), Claudia Ferraris (Italy), Taliana Vargas (Colombia), Vera Krasova (Russia), Crystle Stewart (USA) and Claudia Moro (Spain).

After narrowing to 10 contestants, the show will move to evening gowns, with the smiling hopefuls walking across the stage to music. From there, five contestants will be eliminated, and the judges will choose the winner from the five remaining.

15 semi-finalists announced

The field is reduced to 15 semi-finalists, including: Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela), Zana Krasniqi (Kosovo), Elisa Najera (Mexico), Lam Thuy Nguyen (Vietnam), Tansey Coetzee (South Africa), Laura Dundovic (Australia), Hiroko Mima (Japan), Marianne Cruz Gonzalez (Dominican Republic), Claudia Ferraris (Italy), Taliana Vargas (Colombia), Vera Krasova (Russia), Jazmin Dammak (Hungary), Eliska Buckova (Czech Republic), Crystle Stewart (USA) and Claudia Moro (Spain).

The 80 contestants gathered in the seaside city of Nha Trang, Vietnam, vying to succeed reigning Miss Universe Riyo Mori of Japan.

Miss Universe 2008: Curtain raiser!

Gates of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam have opened, and hundreds rather thousands of people are thronging the venue while millions across the world have already tuned in to their TV sets to watch eighty of the world’s most beautiful women battle it out for the hot spot – the Miss Universe 2008 crown.

The show is hosted by Jerry Springer as well as former Spice Girl Mel B. The judges panel comprises of Donald Trump Jr., (executive vice president of the Trump Organization); Roberto Cavalli (fashion designer and entrepreneur); Nadine Velazquez (international cover girl); Jennifer Hawkins (television presenter and Miss Universe 2004); Louis Licari (celebrity colorist and “Today Show” ambush makeover expert) and John Nguyen (vice chairman of Hoan Cau, LTD Investment and Construction).

Actress Eesha Koppikhar has also been selected as one of the judges at Miss Universe 2008! And apparently, she’s the first Bollywood actress to judge this particular contest.

Confirming the news from Hong Kong, where she was to board a flight to Vietnam where the contest is taking place, she said, “It all happened at the last minute. I’m so excited! I have an international agent who mailed my details and they thought I was qualified to judge the show. I’m sure I’m going to have a rocking time!”

Apart from the beauties sashaying down the ramp, the pageant promises a power-packed performance by sensational pop star Lady GaGa on her hit number ‘Just Dance’. The thud has rocked several venues around the world and is expected to bring the same excitement to Vietnam.

In a few hours, Miss Universe 2007 Riyo Mori will hand over the exquisite crown to her successor. The Top 15 finalists will be judged in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown, and interview during the broadcast. Also, the winner for Best National Costume, as decided by online votes, will be announced.

Tanya Hutchinson wins TV Land's 'She's Got the Look' reality series

Tanya Hutchison of Orange County, CA has been crowned the winner of "She's Got The Look," TV Land's original reality series searching for the next great supermodel -- over 35. Hutchison was announced as the winner on last night's dramatic season finale and has landed a lucrative modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models, Inc. and a fashion spread in SELF Magazine.

"She's Got The Look," is a collaboration with Wilhelmina Models, Inc., which sets out to discover a sophisticated, beautiful and confident woman 35 or older who is destined to become the next great supermodel. Iconic supermodel Kim Alexis, who has graced the covers of more than 500 magazines, hosts "She's Got The Look." Supermodel

Beverly Johnson -- who made history as the first African-American model to appear on the cover of American Vogue -- celebrity stylist Robert Verdi and Wilhelmina president Sean Patterson are featured as regular judges on the series. The series is executive produced by Emmy Award-Winner Allison Grodner ("Big Brother," "Blowout").

In last night's finale, four finalists remained, and they had to put to use everything they've learned throughout the series to make it to the top. The women pitched themselves to the editors of SELF Magazine and then realized their pitch in their ultimate cover girl photo shoot.

"Tanya truly embodies what this competition is all about," states Larry W. Jones, president, TV Land. "Not only is she beautiful but she has also had rich life experiences and has overcome so many obstacles to become the woman that she is today. 'She's Got The Look' is about the whole package, and Tanya has that."

"Tanya not only embodies beauty inside and out, but she is charming beyond belief," states Wilhelmina President Sean Patterson. "The goal of 'She's Got The Look' was to prove to the world that women over 35 who aspire to model would encompass more depth, charm and ultimate beauty than the average model. With Tanya, we found a uniquely beautiful and inspiring woman who will undoubtedly be a success in the modeling industry."

Hutchison is a 45-year-old wife and a mother of five who resides in Orange County, CA. Having begun modeling at a young age, Hutchison is proud to have overcome a life-threatening knife attack that left her scarred internally and externally. After the incident, she began to doubt herself and the price of beauty. She recently found a deeper meaning in her life by committing to missionary work in Africa, where she lectures young women on the importance of empowerment.

TV Land's nationwide search, which included months of online submissions, auditions and regional competitions around the country, resulted in flying 20 contenders to New York City. These semi-finalists were put to the test of expressing themselves and their fashion know-how. Ten finalists were then selected to live in a New York City loft and compete in challenges such as photo shoots, runway competitions and tests on their fashion sense. At the conclusion of the competition, one woman is crowned the ultimate winner.

Last week, TV Land announced that it has renewed the series "She's Got The Look" for a second season. Emmy Award-Winner Allison Grodner will return as executive producer. Premiering in 2009, the second season of "She's Got The Look" will expand from six episodes to eight and will again set out to discover a sophisticated, beautiful and confident woman 35 or older destined for supermodel stardom.

"She's Got The Look" is an Allison Grodner produced exclusively for TV Land. Keith Cox and Sal Maniaci serve as executive producers for TV Land; Sean Patterson and Corey Preston are executive producers from Wilhelmina.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Christina Machamer defeats Louis Petrozza to win 'Hell's Kitchen'

Christina Machamer was the Hell's Kitchen fourth-season contestant with the least amount of experience, but Gordon Ramsay rewarded her on potential.

The 25-year-old culinary student from St. Louis, MO was revealed to be Hell's Kitchen's fourth-season champ during last night's finale broadcast on Fox.

She claimed the position of executive chef at Gordon's recently opened The London West Hollywood -- a job that comes with a $250,000 salary.

"Oh my goodness. Holy f**king s**t! I am like so happy on 10 different levels, I can't even explain it," exclaimed Christina after her victory. "I'm really happy. It's almost like a fairy tale. I guess it really does happen to people, even big goobers like me... Mostly what I'd like to say to Chef Ramsay is thank you for your faith and your trust in me."

Christina defeated Louis Petrozza, a 47-year-old catering director from Charlotte, NC, during the finale broadcast.

"It's been a tough journey. It's been hard, it's been painful, it's been long but it's been good. It's been good," said an emotional Petrozza. "I've met so many beautiful people, so many beautiful people. How priceless is that?"

Hell's Kitchen fourth-season finale began where the previous episode left off with Petrozza having to choose between Matt Sigel and Jennifer Gavin for the last spot on his team for the final dinner service.

"Matt, he's a freaking lunatic, and Jen, she can be a bitch," opined Petrozza.

He chose the bitch, who joined Bobby Anderson and Ben Caylor on Petrozza's team. Christina go Matt, who joined Corey Earling and Louross Edralin on her team.

With 10 hours to go before the service commenced, Petrozza and Christina went over their menus with their teams. Petrozza was confident thanks to his buds Bobby and Ben while Jen sulked about not being in the finals. Matt had a problem respecting Christina as his leader, and she tried to compliment his risotto to get in his good graces. It worked.

"You earned my respect just now," he told her.

"He bought it hook, line and sinker," she said in a confessional. "It was great."

Petrozza then told his team nothing was prepped, and they were frustrated by his lack of organization.

"I'm a tiny bit overwhelmed," he said.

Prep work began with six hours to go before the doors opened, while construction continued in the restaurants. Designer John Janavs then met with Christina about the color of her half of the restaurant, and she was frustrated it still wasn't done and she wasn't in control. Petrozza's booth upholster also wasn't ready, which had him nervous.

During prep work Jen asked Gordon for a letter of recommendation, which Christina called "classless." Meanwhile Matt was screwing around in the kitchen and Corey complained to Christina about how he wasn't taking it seriously. Corey and Matt bickered as Jen copped an attitude with Ben after he called her "sweetheart. Jen pouted and told Petrozza he couldn't trust her.

"She's doing the same dance we all know her for," said Petrozza. "If Jen smarts off, I'll throw her out in a second."

With an hour to go, Gordon was ready to review Christina and Petrozza's dishes. Each finalist prepared three appetizers, three entrees and three desserts.

Christina's appetizers featured a trio of beef sliders, her entrees included a New York strip steak with succotash, while her deserts featured a tropical sundae. Gordon thought the appetizers were "very delicious" but wondered where the variety was and suggested she "sex them up." He complimented the dessert and implored some innovation.

"It was my strategy to be reasonably simple. I don't like things that are overcomplicated," she said.

Petrozza's appetizers included a lobster strudel, his entrees featured a filet mignon with risotto and onion ring, while his desserts included a vanilla souffle. Gordon thought the texture of the appetizer was "overcooked and terrible," complimented his beef but wasn't a big fan of the risotto, and called the dessert brave before liking the way it was made.

Gordon thought they had "two completely different menus" -- with Petrozza going for "highly imaginative food," which was dangerous; while Christina "played it safe," like a "plain Jane." Petrozza's booth upholstery arrived with a half hour to go and the paint was done on Christina's half. Gordon liked the mood Christina created with her design and also enjoyed the comfort of Petrozza's.

Hell's Kitchen's final tenth-season dinner service then commenced with Christina concerned about Matt being "unpredictable" and Bobby worried about Jen's bad attitude disturbing Petrozza's team. Each kitchen would serve 13 tables and 50 diners. Customer reviews and Gordon's observations would determine the winner.

Orders came into both kitchens with Petrozza and Christina communicating well with their teams, and Gordon was excited to see if they could keep up the momentum.

Christina's appetizers were enjoyed by the customers while Bobby had problems executing Petrozza's difficult strudel. Petrozza criticized it for being cold and asked Bobby to redo it. Gordon was impressed with the way Petrozza handled the situation and Bobby corrected the mistake, with the patrons enjoying the dish.

Christina continued to push her team to the limit and she got antsy, wanting to jump in and personally help Louross instead of controlling the pass. She sent Matt to help Louross, which wasn't exactly the biggest help.

"Working with Matt, it was like really frustrating," said Christina as Matt asked tons of questions about the salad he was making. "I have no idea how we're going to get through service."

Petrozza's appetizers were out to half his customers before his kitchen ran out of the cheese for his salad. Jen blamed Petrozza in a confessional for the station not being properly prepped before Bobby dropped the bomb that they were also out of strudel.

"What can we do? We can't take two of the appetizers off," said Gordon. "I swear I'll stop it."

Petrozza was angry and didn't know what to do, so he asked Bobby who compromised with a lobster risotto. The quick thinking led to food once again going out of the kitchen, and the appetizer worked as the patron's liked it. Some of Christina's entrees then returned to the pass when they weren't warm enough, which further delayed the kitchen.

"Come on, now we're backed up now!" said Gordon, asking Christina to turn up the volume a bit with her communication.

She did so and Gordon thought it made her team "on top of their game." The effort was reflected in Christina's satisfied patrons. Petrozza was plating the food too slowly, unwilling to pull others off their stations. He relented and took help from Ben and Jen who quickly rectified the situation, pushing the entrees out.

Christina criticized Matt for his monk fish being raw and Gordon reiterated the complaint. Matt began to mumble under his breathe at Gordon.

"F**king useless," said Gordon, who called Matt over and told him to concentrate.

Jen's "crummy attitude" compounded the fact that she was slow delivering an onion ring, and then when she did, it had to be redone. Petrozza implored Jen to move more quickly and Gordon backed him up by encouraging Petrozza to remind her who was boss. He did so and she delivered the onion rings.

Petrozza was up 10 tables to eight over Christina, who pressured Matt to deliver the monk fish. Once again it was undercooked and Christina was cursing Matt for landing on her team. When Christina couldn't straighten Matt out Gordon offered to do it for her.

"I'll f**king tell him if you want me to," he told her. "I'll run it! Run your brigade!"

Christina was more assertive and Matt continued to mumble under his breath about wanting to be left alone.

"I don't know what Matt's problem with the monk fish was," she opined. "This is my night and I'm not going to let him ruin it."

She pushed him forward as both kitchens reached the homestretch, with Gordon describing the competition as neck-and-neck. The desserts were sent out to compliments from the patrons and Hell's Kitchen officially came to a close for the fourth-season.

Gordon congratulated both kitchens for having "more highs than lows" but reminded them their would be only one winner. Petrozza and Christina then said goodbye to their teams before retreating to the dorms.

"I really do feel pretty good about it. I feel like I've got a good shot at this. I think I've got an edge," aid Petrozza. "But you can never be certain."

Gordon poured over the comment cards and reflected on the recently concluded dinner service before calling both Petrozza and Christina downstairs.

"Making this decision has been shear agony for me. I went back and forth a number of times," Gordon told them. "Clearly you both have strengths and without a shadow of a doubt are two very worthy finalists. After getting to know you both and watching you grow through Hell's Kitchen, I know both of you are going to go on to great success."

Christina was then revealed to be Hell's Kitchen's fourth-season winner and she celebrated the victory with her parents and her teammates from the final dinner service.

"Oh my God I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys," she exclaimed as she gave Corey a hug. "If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be here."

"Christina had the least amount of experience coming into Hell's Kitchen," said Gordon at the finale's conclusion.

"But I saw something in her that was quite special. She had the best potential across any other chef in Hell's Kitchen, and in my business, I think long term. I definitely, definitely made the right trust. I feel like I've been on a roller coaster the last three months. Of all the Hell's Kitchens, this has been the one with the most ups and downs. But we ended on a high note, and now it's time for me to get the f**k out of Hell's Kitchen."

'Bachelorette' DeAnna Pappas picks Jesse Csincsak, gets proposal

Jesse Csincsak proposed marriage to DeAnna Pappas and she accepted during last night's The Bachelorette fourth-season finale broadcast on ABC.

Pappas subsequently presented her final rose to the 25-year-old professional snowboarder from Breckenridge, CO after rejecting the marriage proposal of Jason Mesnick, a 31-year-old account executive and single father from Kirkland, WA.

"I know she's the one," said Jesse just prior to his proposal. "I'm so in love with DeAnna -- I don't even know how to put it into words, how badly I want to be engaged to [DeAnna]. She's just that one person that I can't see myself without. I just want to start my life with her. I've never felt this way about anyone. I really think she's my soul mate."

The Bachelorette's fourth-season finale began with Jason and Jesse traveling to DeAnna's hometown of Newnan, GA to meet her dad Greg, her sister Crissy and her brother Thomas.

"Today is the most important day in this process," said DeAnna. "I am extremely close with my family, and it's very important to me if my family accepts them."

While DeAnna's family was very accepting when they met The Bachelor eleventh-season star Brad Womack, suffice it to say they were a slightly more protective this time around.

"We all thought Brad was going to choose my sister, and then in the end, it just completely crushed her," commented Crissy. "It completely crushed our family."

Jason was up first and he was "overcome with excitement" at the prospect of meeting DeAnna's family. He made a good first impression by arriving with flowers, which caused DeAnna to call him "sweet and thoughtful." Jason told DeAnna's family about how he's divorced and has a 3-year-old son from the marriage.

"I don't want to look at it as a pro or a con, but she moves immediately into a family," said Greg. "I'm not sure if she's ready for that right now."

Jason explained how important his son is to him, and DeAnna said that's how important she is to her father. Greg quickly said it would be tough for DeAnna to leave Georgia, and Jason said he could appease that by lots of visits.

"It would take an awful lot of visiting, replied Greg.

Crissy then spent some alone time with Jason and stressed how important it was for him to not break her sister's heart. DeAnna talked with her dad about what she liked in Jason, who then finally had some time to speak with Greg, and he quickly got to the point.

"I want you to know how serious I take marriage," said Jason. "I want to get your permission to propose to her."

"Nobody's ever had the guts to ask me that," replied Greg. "I would expect it... I appreciate your sincerity, and if she chooses you, you have my blessing."

Jason thanked Greg, who was impressed with the suitor.

"I think he's a great pick for my daughter," said Greg.

Jason said goodbye to DeAnna, who then spoke with her family about how their time with him was. Greg spilled the beans about Jason's question, and DeAnna was glad to hear Jason asked.

"It simply solidified my feelings about him," said DeAnna.

Jesse then had his turn to meet DeAnna's family, which he described as "nerve wracking."

"I knew he was nervous right off the bat," correctly guessed Tommy.

Greg knew Jesse was a guy DeAnna doesn't normally date and also knew meeting him would be different than Jason. Jesse immediately dug a hole for himself when he had no long-term employment plan beyond his snowboarding career.

Greg took Jesse outside and asked if he'd ever been in a serious relationship. Jesse answered he had, but then added they "grew apart." He continued to get grilled by Greg, who stressed the importance of "frequent visits" to Georgia if he's the chosen suitor.

Crissy asked DeAnna if she could honestly see herself settling down with him.

"I don't know if I know Jesse yet," Crissy told her.

Jesse knew the short amount of time he had with DeAnna's family didn't go well.

"I blew it," he opined as he left the house.

DeAnna met with her family and revealed she still didn't know which suitor she was going to choose.

"Jason is absolutely falling in love with you. There's no doubt about that," said Greg, "Jesse told me the same thing, but it's just the way he said it and the way Jason said it -- there was a difference there. I just felt it was more heartfelt from Jason than it was from Jesse."

"Did Jesse ask your permission?" quickly asked DeAnna

"Nope," replied Greg. "It's just that's the way he is, so that's the way he's going to be."

DeAnna was more confused then ever as the night came to close. The next morning, she awoke and welcomed her extended family to meet the guys.

"The guys can expect a big fat Greek party!" said DeAnna.

Jesse was the first to arrive, unaware of the twist that awaited him. But then the doorbell rang and in walked Jason.

"It was a little intense. It was like another competition almost," opined Jesse. "I know that I have to put myself out there 110% and if I don't there's not a shot in hell I have of being with her."

Jesse and Jason then flanked DeAnna on the couch, and the two exchanged playful jabs as she sat uncomfortably between them. Both professed why they were there and how much they care for her, and the situation became a bit more real for Jason.

"I know what I want, but to see and know and hear that she's got feelings for Jesse is really hard," said Jason. "It doesn't feel good inside at all."

After a Greek lunch, both Jesse and Jason spent some alone time with various family members. Jason was well-spoken in professing his love for DeAnna when speaking with her grandparents, and grandma Lilian was obviously smitten.

"You're the one for her," Lilian told him.

Jesse didn't have the same luck with Crissy and DeAnna's sister-in-law Crystal.

"We all want nothing but the best for DeAnna, and Jesse is just a hometown guy," said Crystal. "He just seems to be very grounded, it didn't seem like he was thinking very thoroughly about the questions we were asking him."

Realizing his chance was going down the tube, Jesse pulled Greg aside and asked the all-important question Jason popped the previous day.

"If she does choose me, I would like to get close to her," began Jesse. "I guess I'm asking your blessing and your permission that if DeAnna does feel that I am the guy for her than it would obviously mean the world to me to have your blessing to propose to her."

"Are you ready?" replied Greg.

Jesse then explained how he had been talking to his own dad about how he knew when his mom was the one, and the answer has always been "you'll know." After DeAnna visited Jesse's hometown, he said that his dad gave her the "stamp of approval."

"It meant the world to me, and it would mean the world to me to have your stamp of approval to pursue your daughter," he continued.

"I just want to make sure that she gets the very best and she's treated with the dignity and respect she deserves," said Greg. "I think you would do that, and I offer you both of you my blessing."

As the day came to a close the family invited Jason and Jesse for a shot of Ouzo before saying goodbye.

"It's hard to ay if my life would be better with Jesse versus Jason," said DeAnna. "I've been trying to figure that out all day long."

DeAnna retreated to her family for some input, and Crissy made it known that she felt Jason was the better choice because of their comfort level around each other and Jason's life experience. Crystal disagreed and thought DeAnna would be better suited with a fellow "free spirit" like Jesse.

"If you picked Jason, you'd be fast-forwarding your life five years," she told DeAnna, who was still confused about her decision.

"I don't know which guy's dreams are going to come true and which guy's heart's going to get broken," she said.

As it got down to crunch time, DeAnna returned to Grand Bahama Island in preparation for her last one-one-one dates with both Jason and Jesse. However...

"I found out that Jeremy wanted to talk to me," she said, referring to recently rejected suitor Jeremy Anderson.

"I'd rather be like Brad and run the other way and not have to deal with any of this. But I can't bring myself to do that because I know what that feeling feels like. I know what that confusion and that heartache and not understanding feels like. I couldn't bring myself to put Jeremy through that pain and that heartache I experienced. I hope and I pray that he leaves here with a better understanding and that he feels better about me sending him home."

Jeremy and DeAnna met that night and he was anxious to see her to tell her his true feelings. He received a hug upon his arrival before telling her how he felt.

"I really do feel like you're making a big mistake with me," he told her before expressing regret for not putting himself out there fully. "I'm terrified of getting hurt, that's the biggest reason why I'm so guarded."

DeAnna said she sympathized with how Jeremy felt.

"It's just not in my heart," she said through tears. "Right now I feel it for two other people."

"That hurts," answered Jeremy.

"I will not lead you on. I will not drag this out to the last day and promise you something that I cannot keep," she said. "Right now, I am not in love. I feel like at this moment, as much as we have shard and as big of a bond as we have, if we were meant to be my feelings would be stronger, but they're not... If you were to propose to me, I couldn't do it."

After rejecting Jeremy -- incredibly ironically for the second time -- DeAnna awoke the next morning to focus on Jesse and Jason.

First up was Jesse, who accompanied DeAnna on a seaplane to a deserted island, where they spent the afternoon walking the beach.

"I want her to know that I love her and I want to spend the rest of my life with her," said Jesse.

That night he gave her a "book of thoughts" and said he hoped to have the opportunity to continue to fill its pages with her.

"I just want you to know that I've never been so sure of something in my life," Jesse told her. "I'm ready to settle down and spend the rest of my life with you. I'm falling in love with you and I feel like I am that guy that will make you happy for the rest of your life."

"It felt really good to hear Jesse say, 'I love you,'" DeAnna explained to the cameras later. "It's exactly what I want to hear, but to say anything back, I don't want to do that because I was in that position and in the end, I was left alone. I want to make sure I'm being fair... I want to know that in the end I only look one of them in the eye and say, 'I love you' in return."

The next day DeAnna and Jason went scuba diving among tropical fish and sharks.

"I am in love with DeAnna and I want to spend the rest of my life with her," said Jason.

That night at dinner she said she had no unanswered questions about him before he presented her with a board game he created himself and had them completing tasks like reenacting their first kiss.

"The game really just helped me say a few things that I wanted to say," he said before using it to open up to her.

"You are perfect for me. I see us, I really do. I wouldn't be here if I didn't," he told her. "I love you DeAnna. I really do. There's not a doubt in my mind. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"I melted. I felt like the luckiest woman in the world," said DeAnna in a confessional afterwards. "Jason showed me everything tonight He was this romantic guy, he was this thoughtful guy. He makes me feel like no one else does... I can see an amazing future with Jason. He has so much to offer to me, that's why I'm falling in love with him."

DeAnna then said goodnight to Jason and retreated to her room for the night.

"I do not know what I'm going to do tomorrow," she said. "It's not a question of being in love anymore. I'm in love with two totally different guys. I definitely don't know how I'm supposed to let one of them go home when I'm in love with both of them."

The next morning DeAnna arose for the big day and still said she could see herself spending her life with either Jason or Jesse.

"I've made tough choices all along and this is the toughest by far but I know who I'm going to pick," she said. "I can only hope that he feels the same way about me."

Jason and Jesse went out and picked out engagements ring for DeAnna, with both nervous about whether or not they'd be the one with the opportunity to give it to her. The reality of the situation was also sinking in for DeAnna.

"It's going to hurt to let someone go that I'm falling in love with," she said. "He's going to feel just as I felt the day Brad sent me home... I'm facing two moments right now -- one moment where I'm going to feel like the happiest woman in the world, and one moment where I'm going to b the saddest woman in the world. Even though I waited so long to make my final decision, I am 100% sure... I am expecting a proposal today. This evening, I will hopefully be engaged to a man who loves me as much as I love him."

The Bachelorette's final fourth-season Rose Ceremony then commenced, and Jason was the first suitor to exit the limousine -- sealing his fate.

"I can't wait to get down on my knee and propose," he said.

"No, I can't," she said as Jason got down.

"You have no idea how much I care about you," she said. "You're this amazing, perfect person that I've never had in my life before. I know that my life would always be good with you -- that I would always be safe and that I could depend on you. Even though I'm in love with you, I am in love with someone else."

"You're in love with somebody else?" he asked.

She nodded yes.

"I saw a million similarities," he said. "I thought you felt it to. I was wrong."

"No, please no!" she said. "I meant everything I ever said to you. I would be the luckiest woman in the world to ever be with you. I just can't because my heart is somewhere else."

"I understand you," he quietly replied. "I heard you say that. I really did fall in love with you."

The two shared an emotional embrace and DeAnna walked him out.

"I'm completely shocked. Why me?" said Jeremy as his limo pulled away.

"I feel like I'm a good enough guy who cares about people genuinely. I was so ready to be in love again. I was so ready to be there again. It hurts to be so close to somebody and for her them to say, 'You know, I do like you a lot, but I like him more.' She wanted something that I couldn't offer her. She wanted this alternative world, or she thinks she wants it. She wants safety and security and once you have safety and security you want to live on the edge, and then once you live on the edge you want to go back to your safety and security. The best person is both, the one who has them all. I thought I did. I think I do. God I want to fall in love. I've had this huge hole in my heart now for years... I just got hurt again. I've had up body armor since my wife left me. I thought it was coming down. Now it's up. The only for sure thing I have is my little boy."

As Jesse's limousine approached, DeAnna didn't waiver in her decision.

"I am extremely confident about the man I've chosen," said DeAnna. "I am sure he's the one... Today I am ending up with my soul mate. I have found the man of my dreams."

Jesse then approached DeAnna.

"When I first came into this, I would have never have thought that this process was real and that I could fall in love here," said Jesse to deAnna. "But I have fallen in love with you. The thought of not being with you kills me. When I look at you, the word that always pops up in my mind is forever. I ant to spend forever with you and I truly believe that you are my soul mate."

Jesse got on bended knee.

"DeAnna Marie Pappas, will you spend forever with me?" he asked.

"Yes!" she replied.The two embraced and kissed before Jesse slid the ring on her finger.

"I would not be okay if you weren't in my life, and I love you," said DeAnna. "I've waited so long to say that. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you," he replied.

"Jesse will you accept this rose?" she asked.

"I would love to!" he said. "I've waited forever to get this rose!"

During the After the Final Rose special that followed The Bachelorette's finale, DeAnna and Jesse revealed they've already set a wedding date: May 9, 2009.

"It's going to be a big wedding," Jesse told The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison.

"I think we're planning the Bahamas -- it's where we fell in love, it's where we got engaged," DeAnna explained.

Alexandra 'Ally' Evans crowned Britain's Next Top Model 2008

Public school girl Alexandra Evans has been crowned Britain's Next Top Model.
The 19-year-old beat her friend, red-head Catherine Thomas, 18, in the final judging session in Cape Town, South Africa.

Evans wowed the judges in the last task, which saw her and Catherine strut their stuff in a catwalk show in front of a packed crowd.

She also wins the chance to front a £100,000 campaign for cosmetics brand Max Factor, as well as a photo shoot (below) that will appear on the front cover of Company magazine in August.

In the early stages of the 12-week competition, Alex had been criticised for her inability to walk like a model but she so impressed one of the panel with her catwalk performance that he said she was better than the professionals.

The winner, from Cranleigh, Surrey, says she will turn to journalism if her modelling dream does not turn out.

But there is little chance of that now that she has bagged the top prize of a contract with modelling agency Models 1, who also represent Twiggy, Linda Evangelista and Amber Valletta.

A thrilled and shocked Alex said: 'Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I could achieve anything like this... but now I have proved myself wrong.'

Judge Lisa Snowdon was full of praise for the winner, saying: 'This girl blossomed before my eyes.

'She's always been one of the most interesting girls. She's very special looking and all her pictures are fierce - the fashion world is her oyster.'

Curvy brunette Stefanie Wilson, 22, who the judges had earlier criticised for being 'too Playboy', was the first to be kicked off the last round of the show.

Broadcast last night, it showed the three finalists battle it out on a photoshoot in the wilds of South Africa.

Catherine had to pose in a skimpy gold outfit while 'wearing' a yellow python as a stole.

Alex had the slightly easier job of lying on a rock alongside an Iguana - which she appeared delighted by when it was presented to her at the start of her shoot.

Stefanie, meanwhile, was completely horrified to be given a tarantula to pose with but manage to pull off some fabulous pictures as it crawled over her back.

The show, running over 12 weeks on Living TV, saw 13 contestants battle it out for the top prize.

The girls, mentored at times by designers including Zandra Rhodes, Sadie Frost and her partner Jemima French, faced tough challenges along the way to test every aspect of their modelling ability.

The final decision was made by the judging panel, made up of British model Snowdon, Icelandic model-turned photographer Huggy Ragnarsson and stylist to the stars, Gerry DeVeaux.

Demelza Reveley is Australia’s Next Top Model 2008

After eleven weeks of intense competition, catwalk cattiness and emotional drama, Demelza Reveley (pictured) has been named AUSTRALIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL during last night’s live finale of the hit FOX8 reality series. The 16-year-old school student from Wollongong took the title after narrowly beating Alexandra Girdwood, 21, from Sydney in a nail-biting fight to the finish line.

The winner was announced during the massive live finale at Luna Park’s Big Top in front of an audience of close to 2,000, and again incorporated a viewer vote to help decide who would be named AUSTRALIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.

As winner of the fourth series, Demelza takes home a prize package including representation for 12 months by premiere model agency Priscilla’s; an all expenses paid trip to New York to meet with top international agencies; a Ford Fiesta Zetec; a contract as the face of Napoleon Perdis which includes an international photo shoot; and an eight-page fashion feature with Vogue Australia.

“I am so excited to be following in Alice Burdeu’s footsteps, this is an absolute dream come true” said Demelza after the announcement was made last night.

“I have worked so hard these past few months to trim down and set myself up as a major contender in the modelling world, and it’s so good to have my hard work pay off. New York, here I come!” she said.

Hosted by Jodhi Meares, AUSTRALIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL is the hit reality series exclusive to FOX8 that follows a group of young women as they try to prove they have what it takes to make it in the high-stress, high-stakes world of modelling. The 13 finalists, chosen after a nationwide audition tour in November 2007, spent ten weeks living together in a waterfront mansion while filming the series earlier this year.

Aside from the stress of learning the ropes of the business, the finalists had to deal with the ups and downs of ‘model house’ life: all the tears, tantrums and high drama you’d expect when you put 13 competitive and hugely ambitious girls under one roof! In each episode, the program’s panel of judges – including leading fashion designer Alex Perry and fashion identity Charlotte Dawson – assessed task performance and potential.

After each critique, one girl was eliminated and sent home. By the final, live episode, just two girls remained – Demelza and Alex. Both finalists have been the subject of intense media scrutiny throughout the series – Demelza coming under attack for being one of the “Dapto Dogs” who bullied Byron Bay student Alamela Rowan, and later for her drastic weight loss; and Alex being criticised for having collagen implants in her lips… with disastrous results. The results were close but in the end Demelza proved too good for her competition and beat Alex to become AUSTRALIA’S NEXT TOP MODEL.