Monday, October 08, 2007

The X Factor 2007 Top 12 Revealed

The final three boys revealed!
Watch the video below as finalists receive the good news.
The final three boys have been revealed! Let's learn a little more about the lads...

Andy Williams
Age: 22
From: Newport, South Wales
Job: Runs an asbestos removal company with his brother
Andy's story...
Andy lives at home with his Mum and Dad and elder brother, Lee, 25. For the last four years Andy and his brother have been running their own asbestos removal company.
Andy actually auditioned for X Factor when he was 19 but got turned down. So he spent three years training every night and has been going out clubbing regularly to practise his dance moves, and he’s hoping to impress Brian Friedman!
After getting through the first round audition Andy got a “music” tattoo on his bum, the same as his Dad and Brother!

Leon Jackson
Age: 18
From: West Lothian, Scotland
Job: Sales Assistant in Gap
Leon's story...
Leon is an only child and has been bought up by his Mum in West Lothian. His Mum has struggled financially to bring him up and Leon is desperate to win to give them both a better life. Leon only started singing properly in January after his mum bought him an ipod and he started recording his voice. His friends were so impressed with his voice that they dragged him down to karaoke every week and he’s not looked back! Leon loves contemporary jazz and his influences are Michael Buble and Jamie Callum. Apart from his keen hobby of karate (black belt), Leon says that singing is the only thing that makes him happy. If he hadn’t got through to the finals Leon would be starting University to do an Architectural Technology course.

Rhydian Roberts
Age: 24
From: Powys, Wales
Job: Student on Vocal Studies and a Personal Trainer
Rhydian's story...
Rhydian currently lives in Birmingham where he attends university, but was bought up in Powys, Wales where his family still live. Rhydian is a classical baritone singer and has had vocal training for the past seven years. He sings popular opera similar to Russell Watson and Il Divo, if he released an album he’s convinced the “whole of Wales would buy it”. In his youth Rhydian was the strongest bench presser in Wales, but gave up weight lifting in his early teens to follow his passion for music. Rhydian sees taking part in the show as an opportunity to bring his style of music to the masses.

The final three girls revealed!

Three girls have succeeded in making the X Factor 2007 live shows. The are...

Alisha Bennett
Age: 23
From: Wembley, London
Job: Receptionist at Virgin Active Gym
Alisha's story...
Alisha was inspired to audition for The X Factor after watching Leona Lewis win the show last year, Alisha lives just down the road from The X Factor studios so saw the crowds of fans queuing every week and thought “I want some of that!” Alisha’s musical background has been based mostly around her church gospel choir and she has been having singing lessons for the last year. Alisha is really close to her Mum, Sharon, who is her harshest critic and she describes them as an “Ab Fab” pair as they are both equally loud and flamboyant. Alisha is passionate about fashion and shopping and loves reading all the glossy magazines to get style tips and she has worked as a style advisor in Top Shop.

Kimberley Southwick
Age: 19
From: Tamworth, West Midlands
Job: Working in Mum and Dad’s pub
Kimberley's story...
Kimberley lives in her parents’ pub, “The Fox” in Tamworth with her brother. Kimberley loves country music and performs in her pub karaoke regularly. She did attend Italia Conti for one year but left because she “didn’t enjoy it”, and has previously performed on Michael Barrymore’s My Kind of People. Kimberley has recently quit a job at a call centre because she found it so boring, but her worst job was dressing up as a Santa’s elf in a Christmas grotto.

Emily Nakanda
Age: 15
From: North London
Job: Student
Emily's story...
Emily was the first ever 14 year old to audition in front of the Judges singing “Almaz” by Randy Crawford. The Judges were bowled over by Emily with Simon saying that she is the reason why the “age range was lowered”. Emily lives in North London with her Mum, Step Dad and older brother Terry. Last year Emily was seriously ill with peritonitis so her family feels “very blessed to have her with us”. Emily has sung in school and church choirs and loves all musical genres.

The final three Over 25's revealed!

Competition in the Over 25's category has been fierce but Louis has chosen the three contestants who have the best chance of winning the grand prize.

Standing in the spotlight during the live shows will be...

Beverley Trotman
Age: 37
From: Luton, Beds
Job: Primary School Teacher
Beverley's story...
Beverley is a primary school teacher, a job she adores and in her spare time she has been singing in choirs since the age of four and is a member of the award winning Kingdom Choir, who have performed as backing vocalists in the past on both The X Factor and Grease Is The Word. Beverley lives in Luton with husband Jonathan and their two children Tianna, 12 and Luke 10. Beverley is from a large family and one of her nephews, Leon Barnett plays for West Brom.

Niki Evans
Age: 34
From: Tamworth Birmingham
Job: Catering Manager at a school
Niki's story...
Niki applied for The X Factor after finding an application form for her in her recently deceased dad’s belongings. Niki’s dad went to every gig with her and had been her driving force so she is taking part in honour of his memory. Niki has been in bands since the age of 12 and at 16 was signed to PWL but never experienced any chart success. Having so many knocks early on in her life dented Niki’s confidence in her singing ability but she is hoping this experience will bring back some self belief in herself. Niki lives in Tamworth with husband Darren and they have two boys, Morgan 12 and Jonah 10.

Daniel De Bourg
Age: 31
From: London
Job: Dance Teacher
Daniel's story...
Daniel originally trained as a dancer at The Royal Ballet from the age of 11 and at 17 he worked as a professional dancer with the Rambert Dance Company for four years but had to give it up because of a serious knee injury. In 2001 Daniel was signed to Dreamworks and worked with R Kelly, but after the company was bought out, Daniel’s single was shelved and he never got to release any of the material. After his failed stint in the States, Daniel moved back to London and took up teaching dance and ballet as well as doing a bit of modelling. Daniel lives with friends in London and has a three year old son Theron who he sees every week.

The final three groups revealed!

One boy band, one girl band and one duo represent Simon Cowell's groups in The X Factor's Live stages. They are....

Same Difference

Name: Sean Smith
Age: 21
From: Portsmouth
Job: Entertainer

Name: Sarah Smith
Age: 18
From: Portsmouth
Job: Student
The Same Difference story so far...
Sean and Sarah are brother and sister from Portsmouth who live with their Mum, Dad and Gran. At their first audition Simon described them as “the most annoying pair of people he’d met” because they were so smiley and happy, and Simon advised them to go and watch lots of “depressing documentaries”!
Sean left home at the age of 17 to perform on cruise ships and has performed in a number of pantomimes.
Sarah left home at 16 to attend the Italia Conti school and has just finished her diploma. She’s also done some modelling work in her time but singing has always been her big passion. Together Sarah and Sean perform at their local old peoples home and their dream is to win The X Factor so they can entertain the world.

Name: Aaron Delahunty
Age: 19
From: London
Job: Admin assistant for a market research company

Name: Adam Chandler
Age: 21
From: Maidstone
Job: Singer

Name: Matthew Protheroe
Age: 17
From: London
Job: Student and sales assistant in All Saints

Name: Richard Wilkinson
Age: 23
From: Leeds
Job: Unemployed

Name: Sean Rumsey
Age: 20
From: Warwickshire
Job: Student and works part time in a service station

The boys were originally given a no from the Judges as solo performers at Bootcamp but were given the opportunity to work together to form a boyband, along with a number of other solo performers.

The Futureproof story so far...
Adam was born and raised in Kent and lives at home with his Mum and sister. He attended The Brit School and is now a full time singer and promotions guy. He has been singing for eleven years and considers himself very lucky to earn a living from something he loves. At the age of 18 he owned his own entertainments company. Adam’s musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Lionel Ritchie, Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra.

Aaron was born and bred in London and has been busking around Covent Garden since the age of 10. He has been in a variety of bands and can rap, dance, song write, sing and produce. Aaron is passionate about music and it’s been the one constant aspect in his life and insists he will make it one day.

Sean is passionate about music and has been singing for eight years. In 2003 Sean got through to the finals of Teen Idol and in 2006 he got through to the Bootcamp stage of X Factor in a duo called “Ste and Sean”. Sean was bought up in a small town in Warwickshire with his two brothers and three sisters.

Richard was born and raised in Leeds and lives with his Mum Dad and older brother. Richard has spent nights lying awake dreaming of being on stage so being through to the finals is like a dream come true for him. He has always loved singing but started taking it seriously from the age of 14.

Matthew has always dreamed of performing in front of thousands and attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School. Having performed backing vocals for Westlife and appearing on the West End in Ragtime the Musical, Matthew has already had a small taste of life on the stage and wants more. Matthew lives in London with his Mum, Dad and brother who all back him 100%.


Name: Charlie Mole
Age: 23
From: Sunderland
Job: Beauty Therapist

Name: Emily Biggs
Age: 17
From: Torquay
Job: Student

Name: Raquelle Gracie
Age: 20
From: London
Job: Singer/Actress

Name: Leah Lauder
Age: 20
From: London
Job: Student

Name: Phoebe Brown
Age: 16
From: Adelstone, Woking
Job: Student

The girls were put together at Bootcamp after they each received a no from the Judges when they auditioned as soloists. Mentor Simon likes the girl’s feistiness but wants them to lose their “attitude”.

The Hope story so far...
Leah lives in London with friends and is heavily into her spirituality. A keen singer all her life she’s always looked for inspiring females in the media for people like herself and sister to look up too, but never found any, so she’s hoping that through X Factor she can fill that gap.

Charlie lives in Sunderland with her partner Lee and five year old son Jack. Having just finished her beauty therapist course Charlie was all getting geared up for starting her new career before getting through to the finals of the X Factor, now she is hoping she can make her young son proud of her.

Emily is from Torquay where she lives with her Mum, Dad and older brother Andrew. Emily decided to audition for the show after singing in the audience of The Sharon Osbourne Show during an ad break. Both Louis and Sharon applauded, so she thought she might as well have a go at auditioning.

Raquelle was born and raised in Manchester but now lives in London. A budding singer/actress Raquelle studied at Italia Conti for three years and has appeared in a couple of plays. Raquelle impressed Simon Cowell at Bootcamp because of her “ruthless” nature, and her ability to do the splits!

Phoebe, the youngest member of the group has just finished her GCSE’s and lives with her Mum and younger brother in Surrey. At the weekend’s Phoebe has been attending the Guildford School of Acting and has singing lessons twice a week.


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