Sunday, November 25, 2007

Phenomenon: Mike Super is the Phenomenon

The search of the next great mentalist is finally over. Among the 10 contenders that attempted to allure world-renowned mystifier Criss Angel and famed mentalist Uri Geller, as well as the audience, on the NBC's Phenomenon, a winner has been declared in he comes in the form of Mike Super.

The winner was revealed in last Thursday's episode of the competitive reality series where there were only four contestants left. Mike Super impressed the judges the most, consequently beating Angela Funovits, who came in 2nd place, Eran Raven, who ranked in 3rd, Guy Bavli, who came in 4th place.

Last week's episode of Phenomenon also featured Angel as he revealed the contents of one of his two envelopes he challenged Geller and former contestant Jim Callahan to read. It was divulged that the content of the envelop was an index card reading “911,” which has often been the subject of Angel's discussions when it comes to people who claim that they have real psychic powers. In the past, Angel often said that if a person really had powers, he or she should have alerted the nation on the terrorist attack.

The content of the second envelop is said to be revealed in the first episode of the new season of Criss Angel: Mindfreak.

Super, who comes from Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, has been engrossed with tricks and magic since the age of six. His passion to mystify people has earned him numerous awards and recognitions, including 2004 Best Novelty Performance and America's 2003 Entertainer of the Year. He has entertained audiences across the country and celebrities such as Regis Philbin and Joan Rivers.

Over the last five weeks, Super contended with nine selected mentalist by showing off a wide variety of mystifying talents in front of a panel of celebrity guests, who experienced the spellbinding illusions along with the studio audience. Under the watch of judges Geller and Angel, who offered their unfiltered opinions each week, Super rose triumphantly with the help of viewers who voted him as the next great mentalist and winner of the grand prize of $250,000.