Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Evan Dollard & Monica Carlson Win Season 1 of American Gladiators

Congratulations to Evan Dollard and Monica Carlson for winning Season 1 of American Gladiators. Both contenders out dueled 22 other hopefulls to each win $100K prize money, a Toyota Sequoia and the opportunity to be American Gladiators in Season 2.

The finals pretty much went as I thought with Evan taking control throughout the events giving him a 30-11 lead over Alex Rai and a 9 1/2 second headstart in the Eliminator. Alex gave it all he had but was just overmatched by Evan and his abilities. In the Eliminator Evan broke his own record by 4 seconds to take the title.

Monica and Shanay battled back and forth throughout the events and it came down to the Eliminator when both competitors were neck and neck to the travelator. Monica made it up the travelator on her first attempt and took home the title beating Shanay by a few seconds.

Season 1 was full of some great excitement and dissapointments for some but overall the show lived up to the hype. Lets hope Season 2 is just as action packed as this one. Check back often and soon for all the latest on Season 2 of American Gladiators.

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