Sunday, December 16, 2007

Leon Jackson Wins The X Factor 2007

The Winner Of The X Factor 2007 is announced.

And we hear the winner’s single When You Believe for the first ever time…

Leon Jackson is named as the winner of The X Factor 2007. Rhydian Roberts and Same Difference take second and third place respectively.

Here’s the action as it unfolded in the Grand Final Results Show tonight…

It’s been a spectacular journey for our contestants and viewers alike as we’ve shared hopes and long-held dreams with all of our acts

And as the show opens we know that the winner’s title – and the £1million record deal which accompanies it – will be announced soon.

Adding to the magic of The X Factor final, and while the nation works it dialling finger into a frenzy to vote, Kylie reveals her new single, Wow. Singing live, she shows why she’s been a chart favourite for the past 20 – count ‘em, 20 - years… Wow indeed!

All too soon Dermot invites the three finalists to take their place on the stage to announce which acts will sing one more time for your approval.

Dermot announces that Rhydian will sing When You Believe for you before this show is over. Leon will too. This means that Same Difference are the third-placed act in The X Factor 2007 and have contributed their all to the competition. Simon said he was “genuinely gutted for them – they’re really nice kids. I wouldn’t have wanted to work with any other group”.

The phonelines reopen and Leon takes to the stage first to perform When You Believe for the first time. Although his hands shake on the mic, he holds his composure, singing out loud and rich and true. If he was an amateur when he started this competition, he is the consummate professional now. Whatever the result, he can be proud of his performance tonight.

Louis said, “You’re young, you’re talented, you’re gifted. You can win this competition.”

Sharon said, “I wish you the best of luck in the world”.

Simon said “I think both of you deserve to be where you are tonight. A great version of the song. Congratulations”.

And Dannii told him, “You look stunning. The progression is amazing. I hope you have a very long career ahead”.

Leon responded, “I’ve loved every second of this journey. I’m thankful to everyone who’s supported me. It’s been the most incredible experience of my whole life”.

Phew! We leave Leon in tears… there’s only 1% between them in the voting at this point. And Rhydian is up next.

The Rhydler also sings When You Believe. His version is slower, deeper, and as you’d expect, more operatic. Every emotion seems to flit across his face as he performs, his voice growing stronger as the song draws to a close. Make no mistake, Rhydian may be more experienced than Leon, but he wants this grand prize of great opportunity just as much.

Louis tells Rhydian, “that was polished and professional, an amazing performance…“

Sharon says, “You have your completely difference identities, that was very contemporary, fantastic”.

Simon slips, “Leon, Gosh. I’m sorry, Rhydian. If this is the last time we every here you sing, what a way to go. Thank you for being an incredible contestant”.

Dannii said, “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you, every show was amazing and there will be many more to come”.

And Rhydian responded, “Thanks a lot. It’s been a long few months and a great few months. It’s all been great. Thank you so much for voting, I’m overwhelmed!”

We’re all feeling a bit overwhelmed by the time both contestants are invited back onto the stage. They shake hands before the result is announced.

Dermot announced the winner of The X Factor 2007 is…. Leon. Dannii climbs on stage to comfort her charge who is by mow speechless. “It’s not real. Thank you to everyone who voted. I thought I would try my hand at this to get some experience. And I ended up winning!”

Rhydian said ” I can’t complain I’ve had a lovely time. Leon is a great guy as well as a great singer. My congratulations to Leon.”

And choked with emotion, Leon returns to the spotlight to sing his debut single one more time as all twelve of his fellow live show performers flank him and join in the chorus. In tears, Leon says "This means the world. I set out to pursue this because I love singing. As time went on I knew I could potentially change my mum's life. I just did....!"

Thanks for the entertainment guys. The X Factor 2007 is over. See you in 2008...

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