Thursday, December 20, 2007

VJ Logan Wins ‘America’s Most Smartest Model’

The season finale of VH1’s America’s Most Smartest Model aired tonight, and congrats to VJ Logan for winning the competition! It was a battle of sneaky vs. sneakier, as Andre Birleanu pulled out the first stop, calling up ex-contestant and my Bret’s boyfriend Pickel to help out with the presentation. During VJ’s presentation, nevermind the sound went out, but he used terrible grammar, such as “leader of the pact,” and “if I was the winner.” Regardless, he thought on his toes and bounced back from the audio malfunctions.

Pickel was giving a great presentation for Andre until Andre decided to add his two cents in and wound up putting his foot in his mouth, adding a nail to his coffin. Nonetheless, I boo you, VH1, for not inviting him to the wrap party! For shame!

After the presentations, co-hosts Mary Alice and Ben Stein decided to have the two of them out for a head-to-head debate to decide who the winner is. While VJ discussed what an asset he’d be to the fashion industry, Andre decided to make his discussion about what a sneaky cheat VJ was. It wound up being the final nail in Andre’s coffin, making VJ the winner.

Congrats VJ, you sexy, sneaky cheat! I applaud you!

The winner’s bio:

Van Jameson Logan, born in 1986 in Modesto, Grass Valley, is an American model.

Logan was an athletic child who loved sports. He also had excel in academics where he graduated with good grades in high school. He grew up without a father. His Mother worked hard to support the family by holding down multiple jobs.

Driven to succeed to help his mother and pay for his college education, Logan gave modeling a try. He was discovered at a Pro Scout Search and quickly started his modeling career by gracing the pages of many editorial magazines and also strutted several runway shows.

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