Wednesday, November 25, 2009

American Music Awards 2009: Highlights, winners, and more

The American Music Awards are over and what a show it was! Lady Gaga was on fire, Rihanna wowed the crowd, Jennifer Lopez took a spill, and Adam Lambert gave a rockin' performance. Taylor Swift continued to dominate, giving us a taste of what the Grammys will most likely end up looking like. So what happened, who won, and what will people be talking about tomorrow?

For starters, if you heard that Jennifer Lopez fell down, well, it's true. During her performance of 'Louboutins,' Lopez was climbing on the backs of her dancers (while wearing Louboutins - ouch!). As she jumped off the back of the last dancer, she landed poorly and fell flat on her rear end. Ever the professional, Lopez jumped up and continued on with the song. Lopez is no dummy, however, and surely realizes this will end up on YouTube. This is one tape she can't get a court order to prevent from going viral!

Another performance that will have people talking tomorrow was from Lady Gaga. Surprised? Doubtful. Lady Gaga knows how to entertain and everyone remembers her crazy yet compelling performance at the VMAs. Once again, Lady Gaga spared no expense with the theatrics. Playing a piano that's on fire? Ok! Breaking glass with a microphone? No problem!

Taylor Swift managed another amazing feat: She won Artist of the Year over Michael Jackson. Swift was the night's big winner, taking home three awards. Jackson still won Favorite Male Soul/R&B Artist and Male Pop/Rock Artist.

Here is a list of winners to glance through, then be sure to check out the slideshow of memorable moments from the evening's festivities.

See Memorable moments of the American Music Awards 2009 here:

Favorite Pop/Rock Duo/Group: Black Eyed Peas

Favorite Country Band/Duo/Group: Rascal Flatts

Favorite Female Pop/Rock Artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite Alternative Rock Artist: Green Day

Favorite Male Soul/R&B Artist: Michael Jackson

Favorite Male Country Artist: Keith Urban

Favorite Female Soul/R&B Artist: Beyonce

Favorite Female Country Artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite Male Pop/Rock Artist: Michael Jackson

Favorite Male Rap/Hip-Hop Artist: Jay-Z

Favorite Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift

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