Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Apprentice Australia – The Finale – Andrew Morello Wins

The episode started with the bore, the blonde and the boofhead as the three contestants left standing. At this point I wanted the boofhead to win.

Theirfirst task was to have dinner with Mark Bouris at Aria restaurant in Sydney. Considering the chef, Matt Moran, used to be signed to Channel Nine I was disappointed he did not get a cameo.

At the dinner Mark Bouris wanted to know what drives the contestants. For Gavin it was money, Heather her daughter, and for Morello he said he had aspirations, but not necessarily material ones.

I am not sure if they were sweating because they were under the pump from Bouris, but considering he was also a bit moist it must have been hot at dinner because of the lights.

The following morning was an elimination, and Mark Bouris asked each of them why he should hire them and Gavin’s answer came across as quite arrogant as he said “I have been preparing for this day for many many years…..I do the deals that you guys do on a day to day basis.” Unsurprisingly Mark Bouris fired him.

Then to camera Gavin confirmed what I had thought that he had not really wanted the job.

I got the feeling that Mark Bouris had probably already decided this prior to the boardroom.

The final two were then going to duke it out, but they would have the help of six the previous contestants – three on each team. The interesting thing was that it was not the last six contestants to be kicked out, as Lynton Pipkorn was there but no Amy Cato or Blake. I would be very curious to know why this was the case.

Heather had first pick and she predictably picked Gavin, and the other members of her team were Mary-Ann and Sabrina.

Morello picked Sam, Lynton, and Carmen. I thought he had the stronger team, and they were more cohesive.

The challenge was to create a brand identity of a new men’s fragrance. They were to name it, design a bottle, create a print ad, and also create and produce a thirty second TV ad. And on top of all that they had to manage and design a product launch.

Morello’s team thought of a gangster theme, and the bottle would be in a silver bullet design. They were going to name the fragrance Clyde, as in Bonnie and…

Heather was having a crisis in confidence and was indecisive about a name – it was between Style and Adam. But Adam had already been taken. So she settled on the name Alpha Male.

I wonder how much help the teams get, obviously they are told to do research on the street by sending team members out canvassing.

Cracks were already forming in Heather’s team. Sabrina did not like Heather as she said to Mary-Ann “It is not sitting well with me that I have to help this person who was very bad towards me, and you in the past. If she wins because of my ideas I am just going to be gutted.”

I think Channel Nine need to do an extra episode, showing us the footage that we have not seen. As there was definitely some ill will towards Heather.

Then it was on to the event managers to discuss the launch. Morello had a lot of ideas, which did verge on tackiness particularly the ice sculpture, the event managers modified his ideas somewhat.

Heather went for a more elegant launch and their main focus was their product.

The TV ad had to be shot in three hours. Morello had the advantage of having Lynton on his team who had done this sort of thing before. His concept was a poker den with him being in the ad with the actors as well as Carmen, and Sam.

He seems to have a penchants for smoke machines, but this set off the fire alarms.

The bottle arrived towards the end of the ad, and as Carmen said “It looked like it needed batteries in it.”

Heather’s advertisement concept was urban man discovering her wild roots. This involved an attractive man emerging from the bushes removing his clothes.

Mary-Ann and Sabrina were told to wait in the car, and they were not happy about it. I wonder if this was a passive-aggressive way of Heather saying she did not have faith in them.

Heather’s bottle was much classier. I think girls would buy Heather’s product for their guys. But guy’s would buy Morello’s product.

The launches were at the Paddington Town Hall. Morello’s launch grabbed his audiences attention, but his TV ad was a tad kitsch.

Whereas Heather’s was classy, if a tad boring.

However the difference between the two was that Mark had a smile on his face the whole way through Morello’s launch, in fact he looked like a proud dad.

Michael Edwards was impressed with the Alpha Male name and was surprised it was still available. Victoria Campbell from L’Oreal also loved the bottle and name.

In the boardroom Mark Bouris thought their were negative connotations to the gangster theme, and he did raise the issue of the phallic shaped bottle. I think the shape would be a talking point. It did remind me of a bottle of Lynx deodorant, my understanding that is one of the most popular anti-perspirants with the younger guys.

Heather got caned about leaving the girls in the car. Gavin kept on butting in the the board room and Mark Bouris had to put him back into his place. In fact I thought Gavin was slightly sexist speaking over Heather. She is more than capable of speaking for herself.

Sabrina finally got her revenge at the eleventh hour when she admitted she wanted Morello to win.

Mark Bouris said Morello had an infectious personality, but choked a bit when he was asked how he would deal if he had to make unpopular decisions.

Heather was praised for being a hard worker, however Bouri’s concern was she left behind a bit of human carnage.

It was no shock when Morello was hired, and I was happy with that.

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