Saturday, October 13, 2012

Darius Campbell wins Popstar To Operastar

POP singer Darius Campbell won ITV's Popstar to Operastar contest, beating Bernie Nolan of the Nolan Sisters in a close contest.
Nolan hugged Campbell to congratulate him on his win last night and he said: "I've had a ball, it's been a privilege, I've enjoyed every minute of it, I'm going to carry on with opera."
Then Campbell repeated his performance of Non Piu Andrai from the Marriage of Figaro by Mozart and called out his thanks to the viewers.
After his first rendering of that song earlier in the evening, panel member Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins told him: "It was your usual standard, brilliant."
Designer and critic Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, another panel member, told him: "I think that was you back in form. That was a very cheeky, very sexy, very Darius performance."
Nolan performed Les Filles de Cadix by Delibes and Llewellyn-Bowen told her: "I thought that was absolutely wonderful, I think you are bringing a new audience to opera."
Former Pop Idol contestant Campbell also performed a duet with another panel member, the tenor Rolando Villazon, while Nolan and Jenkins sang Somewhere from West Side Story, prompting the fourth panel member, rock star Meat Loaf, to declare: "Bernie just rocked! Unbelievable!"
Campbell, Nolan, Villazon and Jenkins joined together to sing Brindisi by Verdi from the opera La Traviata.

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