Tuesday, October 08, 2013

5 Modern-Day Filipinas Who Excelled In International Beauty Pageants from Year 2010 to 2013

When Venus Raj clinched 4th Runner-Up honors in the Las Vegas-hosted Miss Universe. The following year saw the Philippines claiming runner-up finishes in both Miss Universe and Miss World (c/o Shamcey Supsup and Gwen Ruais, respectively). And just last year, Janine Tugonon was named 1st Runner-Up to Olivia Culpo, with Stephany Stefanowitz a close 2nd in Miss Earth and Rizzini Gomez pulling a Miss Tourism International.

More than a week back, we finally bagged the Miss World crown via Megan Young, with the Mutya Datul victory in Miss Supranational adding more spice to a 2013 looking more optimistic than ever. And let’s not forget that this year’s editions of Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss International are still upcoming.

Are we looking at another Golden Age while establishing the Pageant Powerhouse status of the Philippines? Will the winning streak run till 2015? Or will it even go beyond that? I say yes. For sure, the element of luck will still come into play. But with the diligent training and preparations being given to our carefully-chosen representatives, there’s no reason to slide back and be relegated to anonymity anymore.

5 Modern-Day Filipinas Who Excelled In... by jo2306
Things are definitely looking up. There’s no room for resting on our laurels. It’s full steam ahead for the Philippines! :-)

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