Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Australian Idol 5 - Final 12 Performances

It was a massive kick of to the Australian Idol finals tonight with the Final 12 taking to the brand new – and massive – set.

Ben McKenzie started proceedings with his own spin on Maroon 5's "Sunday Morning". He was praised for his maturity on stage – despite, in Kyle's words, being "crazy, loopy and nutty". Mark thought the song choice odd, but all the other judges loved it.

Rockin' Mark Da Costa dared to take on U2's "Vertigo" – and passed with flying colours. Dicko, however, thought he was a "little measured" and suggested he get "wild". "In the coming weeks surprise us," added Mark.

Lana Krost sang Natalie Imbruglia's "Shiver" and Marcia was pleased to see her breaking away from her musical theatre roots. Kyle said he wanted to see what her mum sees when she "breaks up and it's magical".

Daniel Mifsud performed Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River" but Kyle wasn't convinced. "Cool as you are and as clever a song choice as that was … to me sitting here it sounded like a sloppy mess," Kyle said.

Carl Riseley swung out "Waltzing Matilda" and Mark was loving it. "Instincts are everything and your instincts are right on the button," he said. Kyle less so. "It might sound a little unAustralian but I couldn't stand it," he announced.

Holly Weinert rocked it up with The Gossip's "Standing In The Way Of Control", but the judges were concerned many viewers wouldn't know the song. "I've never heard that song before," admitted Marcia. "But I don't care, I dug it". Kyle, meanwhile, compared her to "Patti Newton on crack".

Matt Corby thrilled with Coldplay's "The Scientist". "Everyone stand up," said Kyle. "Because that is what a star is right there." Marcia and Mark were just as impressed. "That was awesome: boo-ya!" Mark said.

Natalie Gauci took Powderfinger's modern classic "On My Mind" to a whole new place. "Powderfinger helped you find you mojo," Marcia told. "That was dynamite." Dicko said he'd like to see more of her putting her own spin on popular songs.

Jacob Butler performed The Killers' hit "When You Were Young". Kyle told him he was "the real deal", Marcia praised his use of the stage, while Mark asked for Jacob's jacket back. "I wore it to a wedding in 1976," he insisted.

Tarisai Vushe belted out Alicia Keys' "If I Was Your Woman", and talk soon talked to her short stature. "Is she legally a midget?" asked Kyle, who also commented that she was a "strange one" and he hoped Australia would get to see it.

Marty Simpson fought nerves, performing The Police's "So Lonely". "Please do not let your nerves blow this for you," Marcia pleaded. Dicko told him that he was scared for him when he watched, but had one of the most unique voices in the comp.

Brianna Carpenter brought her quirky touch to The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows". "As much as it pains me to say it," Kyle announced, "I actually didn't mind it." Dicko likened it to "Happy Birthday Mr. President", while Mark suggested her bring his "Betty Booper scooper" (we have no idea either).

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