Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Australian Idol 5 Watch - Wildcard Performances

It's Wildcard night, and the judges' top picks from the Top 24 were back to perform for the nation in the hope they can make the Top 12. Eight will perform, but just four will go through.

Jack Byrnes started the night with The Doobie Brothers' classic "Long Train Runnin'". Mark and Dicko thought he was only performing to about 75% his full potential – Kyle thought it was more like 95%. Dicko is still not a fan of Jack's brilliant dancing. "You looked like an old lady celebrating a big win at bingo," he said.

Husny Thalib showed a softer side with the Blessid Union Of Souls ballad "I Believe". Dicko agreed that he has star quality but that he has to work very hard for every performance. Marcia said she was "very impressed by that performance" and Mark told him he sang "straight from the heart".

Carl Riseley's swing version of The Everly Brothers' "Bye Bye Love" was, in Marcia's words, "dynamite". "I hope Australia gets it," she said. "I would have liked a lot more sexy face going on," said Kyle, before showing off his own "sexy face". Mark thought it was "bland" because he didn't think Carl was singing to a particular person.

Sarah Lloyde took a very sexy turn with Christina Aguilera's recent smash "Candyman", but Mark complained that he wasn't panting afterwards. "It didn't burn my bibby, baby," he said. Dicko was worried about her song choices, while Marcia thought she was "pretty as a picture". Both agreed she did well with a very difficult song.

Dave Andrews got rocky with Live's "The Dolphin's Cry", but his champion Dicko wondered if he was a "Fools Gold" auditionee, who auditioned well but wasn't able to repeat it. Marcia thought he'd had fun performing. Dave then went on to agree with all the judge's comments.

Daniel Mifsud, returning on the Wildcard with "unfinished business" performed Roachford's "Lay Your Love On Me". "It's gratifying – and a little bemusing – when contestants actually listen to us," Dicko said. All were delighted by his improvement since the previous week, although Mark thought he was a little mechanical.

Natalie Gauci began her rendition of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" sitting on the side of the stage, then moving up to the stage for the triumphant finale. "Now that's what I'm talking about, Natalie," Marcia told her. Mark asked her if it was her statement about getting a second chance. "Yes," she said. Dicko said that on the best dressed show on TV she was the worst dressed. Style king Kyle disagreed.

Mark Da Costa worked the crowd with Stevie Wright's Aussie rock classic "Evie Part 1". "Everyone was having such a good time screaming and getting into it, I could barely hear," complained Kyle. Dicko announced Mark was the best performer in the competition. "I just loved your energy," said Marcia.

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