Sunday, September 02, 2007

Kelly Clarkson Performs in Canadian Idol 5

After coaching the Top 5 Canadian Idols for the show's "My Own Idol" theme week, Kelly Clarkson didn't have to stop for a second to think who she would have chosen had she been a competitor facing this particular theme.

"I probably would have picked a Reba (McEntire) song," the original American Idol told Ben Mulroney on CTV's "eTalk." "I love singing her songs. I know them so well. And it's good to sing a song on this show that you're so comfortable with you can make it your own."

After recently working with McEntire on an upcoming TV special, Clarkson admits to still getting a little bit star struck. But after being discovered on the original season of "American Idol" six years ago, Clarkson went from looking up to influences like McEntire to being one herself.

Her visit to Toronto saw throngs of fans waiting outside the Masonic Temple (home of "eTalk" and the MTV Canada studios) just to catch a glimpse of their hero.

Asked whether she saw herself that way, Clarkson had an interesting take on why she has become the most respected artists to emerge from the Idol franchise.

"I'm not special, I just knew what I wanted to do," she told Canadian Idol's cameras on the Top 5 performance show, noting that competitors often leave the competition without a specific musical style or career plan in mind.

But despite knowing where she wanted to go with her music, the hazel-eyed starlet says she had no idea that "American Idol" would propel her to such fame.

"Especially how our season was... we referred to it as ghetto idol," she said of the show's Season 1. "It was just us standing in a circle. We didn't have a band. It was very bare. Now it's got moving walls."

Her visit to Canadian Idol didn't help her perception of its American counterpart, either. Clarkson was quick to note how much she loved about Canadian Idol that just doesn't happen south of the border.

"Yours is so cool," she exclaimed after hearing about this season's weekly themes as well as the potential for competitors to play instruments on the show. "Your Idol is so much better. They don't let you near instruments on the American one!"

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