Friday, August 31, 2007

Australian Idol 5 Wildcard Announcement

It was a big night for Australian Idol as two females were picked for the Top 12 and the eight Wildcard performers were announced.

First up, it was the audience vote and James announced you've chosen Brianna Carpenter. He told her she would now perform at the Opera House no matter what. "That's awesome!" she said.

When Holly Weinert was named second, she and Brianna ran into each other's arms … and fell in a heap on the floor. "I could swear!" said an excited Holly.

Next, last year's Australian Idol Damien Leith performed "22 Steps" from his No.1 album Where We Land. "These guys have been pretty tough this year," Damien said of the judges. "I don't remember them being that tough last year."

The judges, who have been debating day and night as to who would be their Wildcard picks, in the end decided they would pick two contestants each.

Firstly, Mark announces his. "I have no support for my first choice," Mark admitted, before naming Husny Thalib the first Wildcard. Then he named "somebody who's paid his dues": Mark De Costa.

Next it was Dicko's turn, and he admitted he didn't initially like his first choice but was later forced to "eat my words": Dave Andrews. "Are you sure?" asked a shocked Dave. Dicko said the comp would be a poorer place without his second choice, Daniel Mifsud.

Marcia confessed she was exhausted after the judge's selection process. She said her first choice was consistent, "and consistency is everything", naming Natalie Gauci. She admitted her next choice, who she has championed since the beginning, has a long way to go, announcing Carl Riseley.

Kyle said that not everybody agreed his first choice was "Mr All That" and named Jack Byrnes. Finally he named a shocked Sarah Lloyde, saying, "She has improved herself so much since we first saw her."

By shows end it was time to say goodbye to Lyall Adonis, Jesse Curran, Sally Van der Zwart, Madison Pritchett, Rosie Ribbons, Junior To'o, Cheray Doughty and Morgan Hosking. They have all been amazing, and due to a change in rules next year, along with all the other semi-finalists not to make the Top 12, will be able to reapply.

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