Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Australian Idol 5 Watch - Semi-Finals Group 2

Night two of the Australian Idol finals began with a bang as two of last night's males were told they were entering the Top 12. After a grueling 24 hour wait, Matt Corby and Jacob Butler were named the first two finalists. "I promised I wouldn't cry, so I'm trying to hold it back," Matt said upon hearing the news. "I don't know what to say," added Jacob, who went on to offer to pay back everyone who voted for him.

The tricky business over, it was time for the girls to hit the stage and strutting her stuff first was Sally Van Der Zwart with a stunning version of Kelly Clarkson's "Never Again". Kyle told her she was "almost at star potential" but was obviously nervous. Dicko questioned her performing a song by another Idol, while Mark announced he hated the song.

Natalie Gauci was next, with a powerhouse rendition of Christina Aguilera's "Hurt". "You cut that," Marcia told her. Dicko thought the normally edgy singer was too suburban. Mark admitted "that was a monster I didn't know you had in you" and complimented her near-flawless delivery.

A scarfless Cheray Doughty brought her mix of soul and folk to the stage in the form of Joss Stone's "Tell Me ‘Bout It", complete with sassy dance moves. It was thumbs up all around. "Where on earth did you pull that rabbit from?" asked an amazed Dicko.

Tarisai Vushe delivered her promised "boom boom boom" with the soul classic "River Deep, Mountain High", even slipping her own name into the lyrics. "It will be a white knuckle ride," Dicko told her. "But I'm in!"

Jesse Curran took a more subdued turn, taking to a chair to sing her meaningful take on Johnny Cash's version of U2's classic "One". Mark was a big fan of the song choice, but Dicko wasn't convinced by the Johnny Cash version. "That was nice," said Kyle. "But I really wanted you to blow me away."

17-year-old Lana Krost wowed the audience with Fergie's current No.1 hit, "Big Girls Don't Cry". Marcia complimented her song choice and look, but the judges seemed to agree she was a little too polished. "Very pretty little girl, very pretty little voice," said Mark. "But that left me untouched."

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