Tuesday, August 14, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Top 6 Favorite Performances

Neil and Sabra fire everyone up with a jazz number. And there’s stunt furniture involved! Everything thing about these two is perfect. Nigel hopes that the finale of the show (August 16, 8/7c only on FOX!) will live up to the power of this performance! Debbie raves about their performance!
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Neil and Sabra stomp to the stage for a Paso Doble! This dance will certainly “Doble” your heart rate! This dance is “Doble” the intensity! The wardrobe fit Neil with some flattering leather pants, but that doesn’t matter. These two are amazing. They move as one, not as a “Doble!” Neil just wore Sabra as a belt! The judges squeal and Mary throws them on board the Hot Tamale Train!
Espana Cani
Juan & Gennaro

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