Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Australian Idol Watch - Talented Top 24 Announced

It’s crunch time in the lead up to the Australian Idol 2007 semi-finals,and the 63 remaining contestants are faced with the realisation that more than half of them will be going home.

The group meets at Idol’s new HQ at Sydney’s Fox Studios, where the judges are in heated deliberation as to who will stay and who will go. "It’s a numbers game," says Dicko. "We haven’t got room for all of them."

This year performers are told their fate in groups and well as solo. As one after another is told they haven’t made it through, panic sweeps the waiting room.

Tarisai Vushe brings her bible along with her. "The only one who knows if I’m going to get through is God," she says. And the judges, of course, and they tell her she is.

Next Daniel Mifsud enters the room. "Music is my life, there’s no backup plan," he admits. He won’t have to worry about that for now – he’s made it.

Mildura’s Holly Weinert and Jesse Curran are already firm friends and they hear their fate together. While the judges feel they are very similar artists, they are decide to leave the ultimate decision to the Australian public. The same goes for Brianna Carpenter. Marcia isn’t sure if her style will work on the show, but now that’s up to the public.

Next Marcia has some words for Carl Riseley. "I fought as hard as I could," Marcia says. "And this time I won." Carl is speechless. He is congratulated outside by ex-girlfriend Cheray Doughty who also hears the good news.

Jack Byrnes, who has made it to the top 100 before, enters the judge’s room with his performance group – only to be told that he is the only one going through.

Hunsy Thalib has impressed with his unique style, but judges question whether Marty Simpson is letting his personality through. Kyle tells Matt Corby that if he stays grounded he could reach the top end of the comp. All are in.

Mark asks 17-year-old Ben McKenzie if he is willing to risk the semis – if he is voted out he can never reapply. He says he is and realises Mark has been playing him when he’s told he is in. "I hate you Mark Holden!" he jokes. "Join the club," quips Dicko.

Mark is up to his old tricks with Jacob Butler and almost has him thinking he is going home. Jacob falls to the ground when he hears he’s made it.

Lyall Adonis is a bundle of nerves, and despite his obvious talent seems to lack confidence. "There’s only one person in this room that doesn’t believe in Lyall Adonis," says Dicko, "And that’s you."

Sarah Lloyde, Mark Da Costa, Lana Krost, Sally Van Der Zwart, Morgan Hosking, Natalie Gauci, Madison Pritchett and Junior To’o all too get the nod from the judges.

Final female contestantsRosie Ribbons and Cyndi Dietrich enter the room together – and Cyndi loses out to former Pop Idol finalist Rosie.

Last but not least are Dave Andrews and James Davies – the judges agree they are both brilliant, polished performers, but Dicko thinks Dave will sell records.

And there we have it: our top 24. Now it’s up to the viewers as to who will make the top 12 – bring it on!

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