Thursday, August 30, 2007

Australian Idol 5 Watch - Semi-Finals Group 4

After spectacular performances last night it was time for Australian Idol's second and final group of six boys to find out whom the nation wanted to stick around and move through to the Top 12.

First through was a surprised Ben McKenzie. "That's a bit scary," he told Andrew and James. "Woah!" Ben was closely followed by Marty Simpson. "It's a wild ride,' said the surfy guitar hero. "But it's unreal so I'm gonna enjoy it for a minute."

Then we met the final group of six female performers, starting with Sarah Lloyde who belted out Jennifer Hudson's "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" from Dreamgirls. Mark wasn't convinced by the song choice but the other judges could not have disagreed more. "It's go hard or go home," Dicko told her. "If I've got anything to do with it you're not going anywhere."

Morgan Hosking took on Alanis Morissette's "You Learn" and while Dicko said he'd been her biggest fan, he "expected more". Marcia and Kyle didn't think she was happy with her performance. Mark delivered a blowing set of sound bites: "All over the place. Karaoke. Worst performance of the week."

Holly Weinert tackled "Easy", a hit for both The Commodores and Faith No More. All were impressed. Even Kyle. "For someone I always thought was plain and boring, that was really lovely," he said. "Great song choice," said Marcia.

Madison Pritchett hit the stage with Avril Lavigne's current tune "When You're Gone". Kyle said he was "over people punching out the ballads." Mark told her she was "such a sweetheart" but the judges seemed to agree that she wasn't quite ready for the competition.

Brianna Carpenter maintained her eccentric reputation with a rendition of Regina Spektor's "Fidelity", wearing a dress that was whipped up for her by her mum. "Kooky, quirky and perky," said Mark. "I loved it." Kyle appreciated her talent but said, "The whole thing, I'm not buying it." "I wouldn't expect you to," retorted Brianna.

Last but not least was Rosie Ribbons who put a new spin on the REM classic "Everybody Hurts". Marcia, who recently also recorded a version of the song, thought there were to many vocal licks. Dicko was concerned about how she could be marketed. Kyle said he got a "big boring vibe" from her.

Tomorrow night will be the announcement of the two contestants from tonight's show moving through to the Top 12 as well as the eight performers who will perform on Sunday's Wild Card show.

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