Monday, August 13, 2007

America's Got Talent Season 2 Top 4 Predictions

Tonight the performers were narrowed to the top 8 acts. They are Cas Haley, Robert Hatcher, Terry Fator, Julienne Irwin, Jason Pritchett, The Glamazons, Butterscotch & Sideswipe. These acts have gone through to the top 8. The other two, The Calypso Tumblers (I’m shocked at this one) & The Duttons went home home.

I am predicting or should I say hoping that Cas Haley, Terry Fator, Butterscotch and the Sideswipe will be in the finals. Below are the top 8 performances of my Top 4 acts.

Butterscotch - My Funny Valentine

Sideswipe - Pirates Act

Cas Haley - Easy

Terry Fator - Classic Ballad


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