Monday, April 28, 2008

Adam Jasinski wins 'Big Brother 9,' beats Ryan Quicksall via 6-1 vote

Adam Jasiniski was crowned Big Brother's ninth-season winner during last night's live finale broadcast of the CBS reality show.

The 29-year-old public relations manager from Del Ray Beach, FL took home Big Brother 9's $500,000 grand prize on Day 81 by a 6 to 1 jury vote.

"I'll give to the United Autism Foundation -- $100,000 -- and help these children with an after-school program," said Adam when host Julie Chen asked what his plans were for the money.

Ryan Quicksall, a 27-year-old college student from Columbus, OH, was the runner-up and claimed $50,000.

Big Brother 9 jury members Matt McDonald, Natalie Cunial, Sharon Obermueller, Sheila Kennedy, Chelsia Hart and James Zinkand all voted for Adam, while Joshuah Welch was the only person to vote for Ryan.

"I love you guys man, so much. All of you guys," said Adam after Julie revealed all the jury votes. "Thank you so much for helping me be here."

Big Brother 9's finale broadcast began with Sheila arriving at the jury house following her eviction on Day 77.

"Adam basically did what he normally does and he..." said Sheila to the six other jury members.

"... He screwed you over," said Matt, finishing her sentence.

"Yeah," quickly agreed Sheila. "He dropped the ball on the third [round of the final Head of Household] competition. He basically gave it up so Ryan would do his dirty work."

Sheila said Adam seemed arrogant and pledged her allegiance to Ryan over Adam while the other jury members debated who they thought was the most deserving out of the Final 2.

After their discussion, the still-sequestered jurors questioned Adam and Ryan via satellite, with Matt asking each what they'd do with the $500,000.

Adam stated his desire to start an after school program for kids and added he'd also "love to start a business" before reiterating he wanted to "help children, change lives." Ryan said he would help out his mom by doing something nice for her while adding he'd also like to do something nice for himself and his girlfriend -- previously evicted houseguest Jen Diturno.

Sharon then asked why Ryan chose not to take her to the Final 3 even though they were in a secret alliance. In addition, Sharon also mentioned Ryan and Adam's post-eviction eye contact that had revealed her eviction was part of a plan they had.

Ryan described Sharon as "very loyal" and said he "did not want her out of house" and "fought for her all week" until the "last second" when Adam had a "gut feeling" about taking Sheila to the Final 3 instead.

"I was not gunning to get you out one bit," said Ryan to Sharon. "I wanted you to stay. I didn't want you out of the house."

Chelsia seemed disgusted that Ryan would use any of the prize money on Jen -- especially after she had accused him of being a "racist" when the couple had been on the chopping block against one another. Ryan reiterated his stance at the time -- that he's "not a racist at all" -- but added he also "loves Jen to death."

"I was not happy," said Ryan about the comment. "I still love the girl, and I want to be with her the rest of my life."

Chelsia called that the "wrong answer."

Joshuah then accused Adam of letting Ryan do all of his "dirty work" in the competition, but Adam disagreed and said he had a "well-balanced" game that consisted of "physical, mental, and emotional" aspects. While Adam also admitted to throwing the first round of the three-part final HoH competition, he refuted Sheila's claim that he threw the third.

"I gave my best shot and lost fairly to Ryan," assured Adam.

After Joshuah warned Adam about screaming excitedly at the jury members instead of talking to them with respect, James asked Adam why he deserved to be in the Final 3.

Adam described being saddled with Sheila -- his former "perfect-match" partner -- as a "bum deal" since Day 1. However he added he took a bad situation and did the best he could with it, competing as a "straight shooter" in the house who also minimized risks. Still, he said he "brought [Sheila] a long way in this game."

Natalie asked Adam and Ryan why they ultimately decided against keeping her around.

"You've got to respect the wishes of HoH," answered Adam, referring to Sheila, who as HoH that week was responsible for breaking a 1 to 1 eviction vote tie.

Sheila commented how she was being "thrown under the bus" by Adam's response. Ryan didn't do much better with his answer, offering more of an apology and calling it "one of the hardest decisions" he had to make.

Sheila then refuted Adam's claim that he carried her through the competition and asked Adam why he had "lied to her face" about guaranteeing her a spot in the Final 2.

"We carried each other equally through this game. I had to make certain deals and do certain things to keep me in the Final 3 -- to give you and I a better shot at getting there Sheila," Adam said before reiterating he didn't throw the third round of the final HoH competition.

"I'm sorry you're not sitting next to me here, but we both -- together -- got as far as we could have gotten," continued Adam, adding he felt "obligated" to "carry" Sheila during the competition.

"Adam, you did not carry me at the end of this game," answered Sheila. "I don't want you to take all the credit."

Adam reminded Sheila that they were the final remaining "perfect-match" couple -- and made-up two-thirds of the Final 3 no less. For yet another time, Adam assured Sheila he did not throw the third round of the final HoH competition.

"I don't care what anybody believes in that jury house," he said.

In addition to the Final 2 and seven jury house members, previously eliminated Big Brother 9 houseguests Jacob Heald, Parker Somerville, Jen, Alex Coladonato, Amanda Hansen, and Allison Nichols were also at the live finale. Neil Garcia -- the first American Big Brother contestant to ever voluntarily leave the competition -- was not in attendance.

Before the jury cast their votes, Julie asked Jen how she felt about Ryan's former "perfect-match" partner Allison.

"I don't care for her," Jen answered bluntly. "She definitely thought she was a better match for my boyfriend than I was. She told him that several times after I was out of the house. She asked Ryan several times what he saw in me and how he could be with somebody like me."

"I think that Jen and Ryan have a great relationship. I really have no hard feelings towards Jen... I saw a side of Jen that I didn't care for in the house," answered Allison, who accused Jen of "trying to sabotage Ryan's reputation," which is "not exactly the acts you would do if you loved somebody."

Also during last night's broadcast, home viewers were allowed to vote via CBS' website for their favorite jury member, with the winner receiving $25,000. James had the most votes and claimed the money while Sheila finished second.

Big Brother's tenth season is scheduled to premiere Sunday, July 13 at 8PM ET/PT, with Tuesday night episodes airing at 9PM ET/PT beginning July 15 and Wednesday night episodes airing at 8PM ET/PT beginning the next night and serving as the live eviction show.


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