Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jack Chambers wins So You Think You Can Dance Australia

JACK Chambers hotfooted his way to being crowned Australia's first So You Think You Can Dance winner last night after shining during three months of intense competition.

The Brisbane funk/hip-hop dancer claimed victory over fellow contestant Rhys Bobridge, Kate Wormald and Demi Sorono to secure the title of Australia's favourite dancer at CarriageWorks in Redfern.

"I just want to say thank you very much. I'm so glad that dance ... has been put on the map and I have guys coming up to me in the street saying they are taking dancing lessons, which is amazing," the 19-year-old said.

He pocketed $200,000 in prize money and tuition at Hollywood's top dance studio.

As host Natalie Bassingthwaighte read out the verdict, judges Bonnie Lythgoe, Jason Coleman and Matt Lee punched their fists in the air with delight.

The energetic two-hour finale featured performances by British singer Leona Lewis and dance troupe Tap Dogs.

The final four contestants, Chambers and Bobridge along with Demi Sorono and Kate Wormald, were slowly whittled down to two over the course of the show.

Funky Sorono was the first contestant to leave, followed by Wormald, with the final two Bobridge and Chambers.

Chambers and Bobridge thrilled the audience with a jazz-jive style routine before the winner was announced.

Chambers had been the frontrunner to win but said he was so privileged just to be part of the show and thanked his fans.

"It's such a cliche but we have grown so much,'' Bobridge told the crowd.

The Channel 10 program showed the remaining top 20 contestants return to perform with numbers from the final 10 and final four as well.

Wormald, who has shown amazing technical ability over the course of the show, was praised by judge Jason Coleman, while Sorono was commended for her beautiful nature.

"Kate is and was and probably will remain the best female dancer in this competition,'' Mr Coleman said.

Earlier, Mr Coleman joined fellow judges Bonnie Lythgoe and Lee for the opening high energy number to Rihanna's Don't Stop the Music.

Mr Coleman said it had been years since he had a dance but said "it was just brilliant''.

Meanwhile, the UK's Lythgoe thanked Australians for opening their hearts and letting her into their homes.

Favourite performances from the show were given another run in front of the screaming crowd, including Henry and Vanessa's African Samba, Laura and Anthony's disco inspired 70s theme, Wormald and Hilton's foxtrot and Kassy and Graham's contemporary routine.

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