Saturday, July 21, 2007

Build It Bigger - Building and Riding of the Tallest RollerCoasters

Discovery Channel's new series Build It Bigger breaks down the world's most remarkable and captivating engineering projects.
Armed with a Harvard education, a quirky sense of humor and an inquisitive nature, Danny Forster spans the globe to break down the ultimate construction projects in the all-new series Build It Bigger, premiering Tuesday, July 10, 2007, at 10 PM (ET/PT) on Discovery Channel. From public works and private buildings to warships and cruise ships, Danny’s experience as a professional architect, as well as his enthusiasm for structural design and the building process, brings viewers inside engineering marvels that will improve quality of life and dot city skylines.

Despite an intense fear of heights, Danny examines every angle – no matter how high above or deep into the earth he must travel – with a hands-on enthusiastic approach and by asking engaging, thoughtful questions of the on-site architects, engineers and building crew. In doing so, Danny sheds light on complex construction techniques, spotlights the people who make it all happen and tries his hand at jobs that are often better left to the professionals.

“From Dubai to Minnesota, Build It Bigger lifts the veil on astonishing feats of global engineering to satisfy our viewers’ unique craving for knowledge and understanding,” said Jane Root, president and general manager, Discovery Channel. “In Danny, viewers find a passionate, expert architect with the ability to translate fascinating, complex engineering processes into terms we can all understand.”

Premiere episodes of Build It Bigger, airing every Tuesday night at 10 PM (ET/PT) from July through October, immerse viewers in massive building sites throughout the world, including Shanghai Tower in China; the Istanbul Tunnel in Turkey; Burj Dubai Skyscraper in Dubai; Los Angeles Water Tunnel in California; Bank of America Tower in New York; rollercoaster builds in Minnesota; a casino in Las Vegas; and much more.

The Build It Bigger fansite (, launching today, June 25, offers viewers a chance to directly interact with Danny Forster. Danny will be answering questions, commenting on viewer-submitted blueprints and keeping a photo blog of his travels to remarkable feats of engineering around the world. In addition, exclusive to, viewers will get a unique look at exciting, quirky Build It Bigger behind-the-scenes moments via a video diary kept by Danny throughout the series shoot.

Build It Bigger is produced for Discovery Channel by Powderhouse Productions. Joel Olicker is the executive producer for Powderhouse. Julian P. Hobbs is the executive producer for Discovery Channel.

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