Saturday, July 28, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance Top 10 Favorite Dance and Solo Performances

My favorite couple among the top 10 performances was the routine by Sara and Neil, they are the final new couple. They will be doing a Disco routine taught by my girl Dorianna Sanchez. They start hitting it hard right from the beginning including a mega back flip from Neil that looked like he found a hidden pneumatic launch pad. Also, Sara looks super hot. They totally nailed every move with effortless perfection. It was so good the judges have little to say but amazing things. Knock on Wood, Rachel Stevens.

Wade Robson will be teaching the entire top 10 a solo routine on which they will all be compared. To make things all the more confusing and difficult the coupled routines will be interjected with solos, music - Waiting on the World to Change John Meyer

Here are the judges comments:

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