Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Canadian Idol Watch - Top 14 Favorite Performances

Greg Neufeld - Daughters

Greg Neufeld, covering new ground after making it as far as Top 18 in last year's incarnation of the show. After weeks of consistently strong performances, Neufeld pulled another rabbit out of his hat with an intimate, acoustic rendition of John Mayer's "Daughters" in which he sat on the edge of the stage and accompanied himself with acoustic guitar.

"The last three weeks you chose to do songs that were very much in your comfort zone," noted Zack. "If there's anything, you may be a little too perfect. You stood up like the man that you are and represented... You may be too perfect for the public."

"I think you can never be too perfect -- I feel like I am at the Greg Neufeld show," countered Jake, who then got the attention of the female competitors seated off to the side of the studio. "Ladies, that's your competition right there."

Mila Miller - Rehab

The last spot of the women's night went to soulful diva Mila Miller, who badly wanted to convince voters to put her in the Top 10 after two weeks narrowly escaping elimination. Singing Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" lying across the grand piano, her normally-massive afro smoothed down into a sleek wave, she impressed the judges with her unique brand of groove.

"You're one of my favourite performers on the show right now," said Sass. "I thought that was a really good... imitation. You're got a sense of humour I just love when watching a performer."

Farley, however, thought she'd put her own personal mark on the song, loud and clear.

"It's pedigree," he said. "You just felt that song. You did it in your own way. You took ownership of it and eminated soul."

Martha Joy - That's the Way It Is

Next up was Martha Joy, the velvetty-voiced belter from the opposite side of the musical spectrum. Giving a lively rendition of Celine Dion's "That's the Way It Is," she impressed the judges with her ability to kick it up a notch as well as her conisistently strong vocals.

"You played it very subtle, especially for someone who's 16," said Zack. "You are technically the best singer there. I didn't get as much fun out of that as probably you did, but it was Celine."

"The last half of that song may be one of the best things I've seen all year," added an enthused Jake. "You sang great. I felt how happy you were. I got chills... really good."

Khalila Glanville - For You I Will

Also hoping to keep out of this week's bottom four was Khalila Glanville, who had wowed the judges the first week but then chose a song much less to their liking for her follow-up. This time she went the R & B route with Monica's "For You I Will," earning mixed reviews for her efforts.

"I've seen a tremendous level of growth in you from the moment we met you," judge Zack Werner told her. "You may have come up a little flat around the edges (but) I don't think we've ever had anyone who's a mature, sophisticated, beautiful, strong woman in our Top 10 and I would love to see you there."

"There were a couple moments that sounded off for me," added Jake. "But overall, I felt it was really strong and I think you look great tonight."

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