Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Red-Headed Beauty Barbara Meier Is Germany's Next Top Model

Though officially described as “live ” the finale was recorded in the afternoon of May 24 and shown at 20.15 PM the same day. It began with Heidi Klum introducing the three finalists: Anni Wendler, Hana Nitsche, and Barbara Meier. Their first live challenge was a bikini-themed catwalk and another one with old-fashioned dresses. Shortly after that, last week's photos were shown to the audience. The contestants had to explain their ideas and implementation. Then Hana was eliminated without any explenation by the judges which displeased the audience and the viewers booed loudly. For the next challenge runway trainer Bruce Darnell was asked to do a “spontaneous” photo shoot with Wendler and Meier themed “Romeo and Juliet” and “Caught in the Act”. After that clips of all three finalists were accompanied with a live-played saxophone song. The saxophone preluded to an opera version of Ave Maria with all of this season's contestants walking the runway dressed in baroque and very unique appearing robes. The studio was quiet for a few seconds before Monrose's "Hot Summer" started and the band members began to walk the runway. As the second verse began all contestants came on stage one by one and did another catwalk walk. Then the final announcement was made: Barbara is “Germany's Next Topmodel”. She got a car and the modelling contract with IMG Models.

* Eliminated: Hana Nitsche
* Runner-up: Anni Wendler
* Germany's Next Topmodel: Barbara Meier

Born in the small Bavarian town of Amberg, Barbara Meier didn't originally aspire a career in modelling. Instead, after graduating from school, she enrolled at the Fachhochschule Regensburg in order to study mathematics.

While shopping at a local mall, she was invited by a model scout to a casting for GNTM. Out of 16,421 participants in the national casting, she was chosen among the 15 candidates to appear on the TV show. In the course of the show, she had to face a series of challenges in order to outrival her contestants. Even before the end of the show, one of these minor competitions had her win a leading role alongside Heidi Klum in a nationwide TV commercial for McDonald's.

In the last episode, she outpaced the other two finalists, brunette Hana and blonde Anni, and was declared winner of the title "Germany's Next Topmodel". The prize included a contract with the modelling agency IMG Models, an appearance on the cover of the German edition of Cosmopolitan in August 2007 and a contract as the face of the next advertising campaign for the clothing company C&A.


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Barbara is a beauty.

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