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Canadian Idol Watch Season 5 - Khalila Glanville

Khalila Glanville

Age: 23
Occupation: Day Care Worker
Hometown: Dorval, QC
Audition City: Montréal, QC
Place of Birth: Montréal, QC
Nickname: Kiki or Kay Kay
Favourite Song: "Get Here" by Oleta Adams
Couldn't Live Without: "A bra"
Would like to meet: "My grandmother"
Motto: "Live in the moment!"

"The Canadian Idol competition has changed me for the better. I realize that my time here is short and I should take advantage of every opportunity in front of me. I am not as scared to try new things and I realized that I have a lot more confidence in myself."

Khalila wants viewers to know that she is funny, caring and understanding and she believes it is her combination of dedication, support and confidence in herself that has gotten her this far in the competition.

For Khalila, finding out she had made it into the Top 22 left her in shock, but she was also relieved. With her family supporting her through the entire audition process, Khalila is very proud of making it into the Top 22. She cites her father as her greatest inspiration. "When times were tough he always believed in me told me never to give up," she says.

The best day of Khalila's life came when she found out she made it into the Top 22. Khalila feels that Canadian Idol is extremely important to the development of young Canadian music talent. "Not only does it give people from all over the country the opportunity to follow their dreams but it also gives youth solid role models to look up to."

If Khalila was given the opportunity to meet one person it would be Mary J. Blige. "She is an extremely strong artist and has been through many difficult periods in her life both professionally and personally. She has always remained strong and has never let anyone bring her down. She continues to get stronger with age and I hope I can do the same."

When Khalila is not thinking about singing she enjoys watching "The Black Donnellys," playing with her dog, Princess, and cheering for her favourite international soccer team, Brazil.

Song List and Performance Video

Top 22 - Family Portrait (Pink)

Top 18 - I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch) (The Four Tops)

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